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Originaire de la région de Lyonnaise, Antid'hot est un groupe résolument rock aux influences multiples (punk rock, métal, pop, folk, BretRock...) Le mélange des voix féminines et masculines de Liky et Buz fait la différence, le tout sur une bonne dose de riffs ravageurs et énergétiques.



(Chant, Guitare, Auteur/Compositeur)



(Chant, Guitare, Auteur/Compositeur)







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Prenez une boisson énergétique efficace, branchez la sur un courant alternatif haute-fréquences, une fois chargée à bloc lancez sur scène la matière incandescente. Telle une grenade incendiaire, tout s’enflamme, la salle vrombît, le brouillard se dissipe, l’Antid’hot fait sont effet.  « Open Sonic Box », premier album du groupe  à consommer en casque ou en live, sans modération !  Jean-Michel Comte - Vibration Clandestine "l'effervescence culturelle"

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Open Sonic Box
Open Sonic Box

Open Sonic Box

description de Open Sonic Box


It's check in times for expired thoughts
No more self-consciousness
Don't say what they want to hear
Look what's your eyes meaning
Reach your self-awarness
Reach your self-knowledge
No one ever dares me to get my kicks in hell

Take a stand front your mirror
No more self-inflicted
It sticks really right in my pretty head
Lead your eyes to light
Starting place to reach my dream
Connect minds to unify
Paranoid is what I mean
And the time will testify

© Lepelley/Mazille, Lepelley


Happiness makes some noise
When it's coming out the day you seem to feel good
Like an echo in the wind
Janie dares not go out
Hiding out and creeping by
Today we stand together
Against fear and thunder

Janie's, Janie's, Janie's
Lookingn finding out the sun
Don't close your ears to the truth
We've got loads of time
There aren't two ways about it
Behind the wall, colour of hope
You do the best for a dare
Be sure, you do it with great care
Today we stand together
Come hell or high water

Janie's, Janie's, Janie's
Looking, finding out the sun
Find your way, Find your way, Find the way
Stay in lane

© Lepelley/Mazille, Lepelley


I believe in you, sing through microphone
Since we all create, it's beyond me my son
I feel this way, resraint is gone, i think your world is mine
Sometimes the reason fails, then music blows away
Someday, somehow i feel it's mine but we share our gifted child

Open your sonic box, imagine then
Open your sonic box, imagine still
It's not a game, imagine freely

I believe in you microphone
My bliss, my outlet
Someday, somehow, i need you, as long as we'll play
Band on the run, band on the road
Here is our dream, i would not come back down

© Lepelley/Mazille, Lepelley



Please, tell me what's wrong
Tell me what's wrong with me
I will prefer not to be
Take a stand, take a stand

Time like a cold wind
Had let me has a dead thing
That will never be the same
I'll take care, I'll take care

Reminds me of the beautiful days

© Lepelley/Lepelley


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Open Sonic Box - Antid'hot - Promotion album 2013

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